Classical Program

This popular program draws from well-loved and little-known Classical Guitar repertoire with works spanning from the Renaissance through the present.


The Early Guitar

Discover the delicate and ethereal timbres of the Early Guitar and Lute in a program drawn from rarely heard repertoire of the Renaissance and Baroque periods. Experience music of the European courts of Henry II, Louis XIV, and Queen Elizabeth I. This intimate program is ideal for chamber music series, university concert series, and house concerts.


The Early Guitar – Lecture Recital

An informative and entertaining overview of the history and literature of the Renaissance Lute and the Renaissance and Baroque Guitars. Learn how Style and Performance Practice evolved across Europe from the sixteenth through the eighteenth century. Discover the dawn of Lute and Guitar tablature for the virtuoso as Tim uncovers the roots of the modern concert guitar and its repertoire, starting with the four-course predecessor of today’s popular Uke.


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